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Driving Youth Development and Diversity in Sailfoiling by Increasing Opportunities for Participation

Ways to Support the Foundation 

Main initiatives


Boat Rent-to-Own Program

Youth WASZP ownership without the upfront cost to enable learning / skills development and ensure participation


Partnered Foiling Clinics

Clinics to learn / improve WASZP sailing; run with groups like Australia's Sail GP team, Team Australia Challenge and The Magenta Project


Supporting Female Foiling Participation

Financial assistance to help female sailors start and continue their sailfoiling journey

Ways to Support the Foundation 

Your support helps increase our impact

Corporate Partnership

Branding and marketing opportunities associated with the Foundation's specific initiatives, events, boats, etc.

Individual Donation

Tax efficiently donate via the Australian Sports Foundation at Gold, Silver or Bronze level

Go Fund Us

Quickly and easily donate at GoFundMe a help us hit our fundraising target 

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