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WASZP Boat Rent-to-Own Program

Commit to a multi-year involvement in the WASZP Class with all the joys of boat ownership; your costs are subsidised and spread plus there's an option to purchase your boat

Primarily aimed at female youth sailors, the Rent-to-Own program is designed to give access to sailfoiling without all the up front costs.  Those interested in the Rent-to-Own program must apply and if accepted sign an agreement committing them to:

  • Competing in selected state championships and the Australian National Championships each year

  • Keeping their boat in good condition

  • Making annual rental payments for three years

  • Providing their boat to a limited number of ISF Learn-to-Foil Clinics if requested

Euro Waszp Games 19-07 137_edited.jpg

How to Apply

Leave your details and the subject "Rent" via our Contacts page

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